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Technology and Stress

By Meredith on
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Jul 06 in News 0 Comments


Stress and your health and wellness.  Do you ever think about how stress is affecting your health?   One of the more recent contributors to stress that has taken over our lives in the last decade or 2 is technology.  Have you heard of TECHNOSTRESS?  Look it up, yes, it really exists.  Think about it, stress from technology? How can that be since much of technology has made our lives easier.  Well, when is the last time you were completely off the clock meaning, not accessible by cell phone, email, or any form of the latest technology?  We are rarely turned off, logged off, or inaccessible which means we are constantly ON and accessible at any minute.  This can lead to A LOT of stress.  We need time OFF and time away.  Check out this recent article below I found interesting and progressive in many ways from the Wall Street Journal about vacations promoting us to turn OFF our constant connections for a little while.  For more information about stress management and ways to decrease stress in our lives, check out our Summer Wellness Workshop coming this July!
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Wall Street Journal Article: When Guests Check In, Their iPhones Check Out:
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